Rivers, the full film is now on-line

Rivers, the full film of just over 1 hour, can now be viewed online at vimeo.com/82518692

Rivers is a film about music, faith and the possibility of shared religious truth. Focusing on its extraordinary concert premiere by a youth choir and a virtual choir, it portrays the diverse practices from followers of many world religions. Rivers is a powerful, mesmeric exploration of our spiritual inter-connection.

Created by composer Richard Leigh & filmmaker Lou Armitt, Rivers was given its concert premiere at St Johns Smith Square Westminster in September 2013. It marked the centenary of historic visits made by Abdu’l-Baha to the UK and St John’s itself, between 1911 & 1913, after having endured 40 years of imprisonment in Palestine for His beliefs in the oneness of human-kind and the spiritual unity of all religion. The concert featured the award winning Northamptonshire County Youth Choir, The Gathering Sound virtual choir and an ensemble of Shamanic gongs, percussion, harp, strings and piano.

Throughout the film concert footage is interspersed with abstracted images of water and diverse images of worship. It captures the hypnotic, repetitive state of prayer and the unifying movements of the many faith traditions. Each faith is represented individually, and as the work unfolds, more and more elaborate choral tapestries are created as the faiths are inter-woven, culminating with a virtual choir at its climax. Participants of every ability and background were invited to join the Gathering Sound Virtual Choir via the internet, by downloading the music score and instructional video, and then uploading their respective vocal line via youtube.