Finality Jack….are back

Unknown-1 Really exciting news. The Jacks are back! Finality Jack play at Richard & Lou’s house concert March 24th and a concert and French Bal for the folk dance festival at Kinnersley Castle on May 30th 2016. We are back writing our 3rd album.

Finality Jack is a trio of instrumentalists based in Northamptonshire, consisting of Tim Perkins on violin and bouzouki, Richard Leigh on violin, and Becky Price on accordion, they play an intriguing mixture of English- and French-influenced instrumental music with a smattering of Eastern European polka in there as well. 

The mellow, melodic nature of this music may fool the listener into not really paying attention to it but just letting it flow into the ears. But, unlike a great of contemporary instrumental music, each tune here stands up well to concentrated listening, opening up more and more upon each repeat. This is actually remarkably complicated music, almost experimental in its mixing of styles and various melodies. Would that each musical experiment was as nice on the ears as this one….” Brendan Foreman