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seed-reviewFeaturing the exquisite voices of Rachel Major, Emma Lewendon and Fleur Missaghian as well as Richard on voice & various instruments. 12 new settings of the writings of Bahá’u’lláh, Abdu’l-Baha, The Bab & Madame Rabbani.

“Many of the tracks on Richard’s new CD, Seed, echo folk riffs, while some have a more classical feel, but without using classical formalities. ‘My Healing’ and ‘The Remover of Difficulties’ both magically weave Iranian chanting into the predominantly Western mode of the music. Overall, a reflective spirituality radiates from these settings of Baha’i sacred texts.” Barney Leith

The Cd is Eco-packaged with a 12 individual images by artist Sophia Hurst in a 28 page booklet using only natural inks. No plastic involved!

1) Brilliant Star. Buy the track here

2) Waves of the Sea. Buy the track here

3) Blessed. Buy the track here 

4) Home. Buy the track here 

5) My Healing. Buy the track here 

6) Faith. Buy the track here

7) The Remover of Difficulties. Buy the track here

8) We Shall Always Be with You. Buy the track here

9) Time (Where there is Love). Buy the track here

10) Shine Out (Like the Daystar). Buy the track here

11) Beautiful Prayers. Buy the track here 

12) A Hundred Thousand Hopes. Buy the track here 


music: Richard Leigh
images: Sophia Hurst
words: Bah’ai prayers & writings
All music compositions © Richard Leigh 2010
All images © Sophia Hurst 2010

Emma Lewendon, Rachel Major, Fleur Missaghian, Ezzat Djalili, Mina Beint, Richard Leigh

BreatheMystic Bird


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Arabic & Persian chant / violin / medieval fiddle / kantele / prepared piano

Mina Beint / Richard Leigh

“…a meditative & mystical blend of sounds from East & West…Mina chants a selection of poems, prayers & invocations in their original Persian & Arabic taken from or inspired by the Baha’i Writings…”


1) The Greatest Name

2) The Neck of Baha

3) Farkhundi Tayeri

4) O Bird of Beauty

5) If I Gaze Upon Thy Beauty

6) Romanesca

7) Talebe Malekut

8) O Mystic Nightingale

9) Allahumma

10) In the Garden of Thy Heart

11) O Son of Spirit!


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myriadsSacred choral / Persian & Arabic chant / percussion / harp / prepared piano / Tibetan Bowls

“…breathtaking…spine-tingling effects where notes collide & then resolve…sounds with melodic & harmonic structures that never fail to thrill…This is a work which deserves to be savoured again and again, and promises many good things to come from an original British composer.” Rob Weinberg (Classic FM)

“Myriads shows he is a very gifted composer with some magical visions” Lasse Thoresen composer & Oslo Conservatoire professor

This, combined with Tibetan prayer bowls, solo vibraphone notes bowed with a double bass bow, and harp ostinato patterns, created an ethereal backdrop over which the singers passed Bahá’u’lláh’s words between themselves, setting up spine-tingling effects where notes collided and then resolved, and tones were exchanged and transferred from side to side – creating something akin to a live stereophonic experience.

At other times, the choir reached a climax only to stop abruptly leaving the percussion ringing alone its faint, distant response. The work concluded with a breathtaking postscript in which the name of Bahá’u’lláh (Arabic for ”the Glory of God”) was repeated and intoned.

A set of nine of the Hidden Words by Bahá’u’lláh.

1) O Essence of Negligence! Buy the track here


2) O Son of Being! Buy the track here


3) O Man of Two Visions! Buy the track here


4) O Son of Being! Buy the track here


5) O Friends! Buy the track here


6) O Son of Being! Buy the track here


7) O My Children! Buy the track here


8) O Son of the Wondrous Vision! Buy the track here


9) O Son of Spirit! Buy the track here